What is teaching? It is the transfer of knowledge to a student. A great teacher will know their students so well, that they will impart the knowledge through all senses to connect to all students. Sharon believes there is a fine line between teaching and training, and there are similarities within coaching and guiding. It […]

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Alice B. Bailey

From 1919-49, Alice wrote 24 esoteric books within assistance of a Tibetan with “ageless wisdom”.  They are not books that you generally just read, they are more like books, that call to you. Alice has offered many version of “ageless wisdom” that inspires aspirants on their path.  There is such depth in every book, that you […]

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Let’s talk about emotion

Emotions are like a lake. Some emotions create but a ripple, others waves and then there are those that create a stillness, a tranquility. Everyone can find their own lake of tranquility. Over a lifetime we are taught by our family, our peers, our society what is considered acceptable emotion. Indeed we learn to judge […]

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A beautiful testimonial from a Lifeforce Coaching client

Sharon received this beautiful testimonial.  The words have not be altered, and are exactly as received.  Sharon appreciates this feedback, and shares to assist others to understand what may occur within a session.  This particular session was via Skype call, with email follow up.  These words give an account of this person’s experience, each session […]

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How to help yourself

There are many ways to help yourself. Meditation is a cornerstone to help yourself.  It assists to shift your brainwaves, and acts as a decluttering to create greater clarity, calm and peace. Journaling is another way to help yourself.  Sometimes your thoughts and feelings can be bottled up, and it can get overwhelming,  Journaling can […]

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Baby it’s cold outside

For those in the Southern hemisphere, it’s near mid winter here.  Winter is a time of reflection, stillness and hibernation, while understanding flow and change.  Flow and change is a part of the connection to understanding the cycles and seasons. The Kidneys and Bladder are connected to the winter cycle, just as the bones, marrow, […]

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Cake, anyone ??

Sharon since the age of 2yrs old has questioned.  ‘Who said’ has been her mantra.  Every now and then she has move into unconscious and then awakened again to the conscious via “who said”.  There is no set script that says life has to be a certain way for everyone, for sure you may have […]

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Confused ??

Are you feeling confused about your direction??  Did you think you knew what you were meant to be doing, and it feels flat now?  Are you seeking clients, and it’s just not happening?  Is your life a dream or a reality?  Are you feeling that you have finished in some areas of your life, and […]

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The first step to change is acknowledgement of “what is”.  That is why journaling is important.  Now, what next?  Many ways forward .  You can acknowledge the pattern, and the learning.  Einstein suggested something along the lines, “You can’t solve a problem with same level of thinking”.  Thinking can be habitual. A common pattern is learning  what […]

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Signs or symbols

What are signs?  The suggestion is a sign, is only created to mean a particular thing, and nothing else.  Definitely this is true for a road sign, in the context of driving on a road, and reading a road sign “STOP” means stop.  However, if it is taken out of it’s context, and you are […]

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