Yoga - includes breathwork, meditation, postures, and relaxation, you may also work with mandalas, mantra, yantras. sounding, mala beads, core and more.  Personal Training may include a unique blend for the individual, Yoga, Pilates, Chiball, Gym and more.

Yoga for Health

Since 1990, Sharon has taught Yoga to hundreds of people of all ages. First as a trainee teacher with SAIYTI, receiving her first teaching diploma in 1992 which covered a wide study from the then recognised 44 classical schools and other yogic like practice at that time, with the main focus on Hatha, Pranayama, Jnana, Raja, Mantra and Laya.

In 1993 she completed a certificate in Remedial Yoga through the Yoga for Health Foundation, with Howard Kent. Sharon has continued to undertake many other formal and informal studies of Iyengar, Vinyasa, Dru, Power, Kundalini, Yantra, AcuYoga and more. In 2001, Sharon completed another two year study with Integral Yoga Academy of Australasia to become a Yogacharini – as a Yoga Practitioner/Teacher/Therapist. In 2013 she completed Yoga Sutra Meditation Practice with Deborah King. Sharon loves teaching to inspire and motivate students; teaching each student at the level they are ready to create unity and health within mind, body & spirit.

Yoga means oneness, unity, of mind, body and spirit. (Spirit meaning the essence of who you are) Sharon has called what she teaches “Yoga for Health”. It is for all ages and abilities. It is created as required with your wellbeing in mind. Its sole purpose is health, and is non-religious.

If you asked Sharon what school of yoga, she would say, a combination for health purposes. The different schools available can be likened to the spokes on a wheel. They all lead to the same centre of oneness. It will just depend on your personality and beliefs, what you will be comfortable with.

A General yoga class in Yoga for Health has these basic principles: (The word “proper” is used in the context of that which assists health. There are many ways.)
1. Proper breath
2. Proper meditation/positive thinking
3. Proper exercise/postures, body awareness, chakras and nadis lines
4. Proper relaxation

Other areas Sharon has covered are:
A. Be Stress-free
B. Working with partners and postures.
C. Release work using the nadis lines, meditation and postures in movement to release any build up of emotion in a gentle way.
D. Coping with study and exams by using simply breath, meditation and relaxation
E. Understanding and knowing the chakras create healing and balance.
F. Creating your own mandalas.
G. Being aware of the power of sound, word, positive thinking and affirmations.
H. Remedial Yoga is a specifically designed programme for a particular health disorders.
I. Motivational Yoga to get yourself moving on all levels.
J. Water Yoga to use the resistance of water, and the freedom of floating to assist your wellbeing.
K. Gentle Movement
L. And more – created just for you.

Yoga can have a profound effect in your life on all levels. Sharon has found yoga becomes a way of life, you breathe, you meditate, you stretch, you relax, and you feel good. Knowing that the more you learn, the more there is to learn. Life is a learning experience.

Learn more: contact Sharon.


2 Responses to Yoga for Health

  • Kelly says:

    Hi Sharon,
    Just wanto contact you to see if I can do some classes/healing I really need to share my light :-)

  • Sharon McLaughlin says:

    Let me know how I can assist you. I have tried to email you, but your email has bounced. Looking forward to hearing from you. :D

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