Stages of meditation

The above (audio on reflection page) meditation should only be listened to when you are in a safe space, seated, and ready to focus.  Not to be used while operating any equipment.  It is with free-will and choice that you choose to listen or not.


The Dali Lama suggests there are nine stages in meditation.  Depending on your awareness, and perspective what you might believe those stages to be.  Training the mind, compassion, equanimity, the nature of suffering, wisdom, calm abiding, special insight, or what??  There are levels of absorption that can take you into nine states, moving through six powers and four mental activities.  These levels and states can only be attained through no attachment for them.

It is common knowledge now that in meditation the brain waves, shift in stages, from very active BETA, to a softening in ALPHA, to a connecting in THETA, and to deep DELTA sleep.  GAMMA is the new level, where the waves are more rapid then BETA, however in this stage you are expanded, aware and connected to universal cognition.

Within Yoga, meditation is “for the mind” a mental hygiene.   The simple principles of meditation can be a great beginning foundation.  The purpose or goal can be Samadhi or higher consciousness, yet often moves from Dharana or concentration to Dhyana or contemplation before self-realization.

Within the Luminous Mind are three refuges – Stillness, Silence and Spaciousness.  Rinpoche calls these the white, red and blue pills, suggesting that these are the remedy for pain.  Certainly, stillness, silence and spaciousness regularly will create a good habit for meditation.

Since 1990, I have practiced meditation, and have enjoyed all these benefits and more.  I highly recommend making meditation, a part of your daily routine, so that you too can benefit.  It will surprise you.


References: Stages of Meditation by the Dalai Lama; The opening of the wisdom-eye by HH the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso; Secrets of Meditation by davidji; Awakening the luminous Mind by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche


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