Sharon believes in the power of prayer.  She has found it to be a supportive practice through the years.  Sharon writes prayers for others and joins in world prayer groups and prayer circles.  This universal prayer is for all who read this page.

“Dear God, goddess, archangels, angels and beings of the highest light, sometimes I/we forget to ask for assistance, sometimes I/we forget to pray.  I/we honour your highest assistance and now humbly ask for the highest good in health, love, happiness and abundance.  I/we know that I/we are here on earth at this time for a life purpose, and I/we ask for your support in this life purpose and the highest good.  I/we know in your hands the highest good will always unfold.  Thank you and much gratitude for your support. Blessings be.”

From time to time, Sharon writes prayers for others on the Facebook page sharonmcl.com , or google + collection; and often includes prayers in energy techniques and coaching, just ask.

Other ideas to support your prayer practice - Moon phases for prayer

Prayer is a wonderful support at any time, however within the phase of the moon can add more power to your prayer. Ask for the assistance of Archangel Haniel, and Sharon believes the moon phases can support your prayers.

- Dark or new moon – it is a wonderful time to let go to the light. In the darkest moment we let go to the highest power of light and hand up our prayers. The words “let go and let god” or “god grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; to change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference”. When you have done all you can do, this is the time to pray to the highest light for the highest good.

- Waxing or growing moon – Prayers for growth, attracting and manifesting for the highest good are possible in this phase of the moon.

- Full moon or gratitude – Prayers of gratitude, appreciation, power, health and celebration for the highest good

- Waning or dissolving moon – Prayers for releasing and dissolving for the highest good

May you find your way, and the highest good in what you seek.




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