I LOVE being a trainer & coach

As a trainer, I’ve come through many rehabilitation life experiences.  My focus was always arts and academic, with bush walking, wind surfing, cycling, dance; and some basketball, netball and volleyball.  For the first 16yrs of my life, I had experienced many health issues, but I never thought of myself as sickly.  I did however not live in my body, as I didn’t experience life’s pains so strongly being disconnected from my body.  I was more connected to my spirit.  I learnt through the accident at 16, many lessons, that have rippled out over the years.  One important lesson was the need to look after your body, as it was/is the vehicle for your spirit and soul, and alignment and grounding your spiritual essence was and is essential for ascension within the same body.

I’ve always had a high level of endurance and resilience, often to the detriment of my physical body, as I could push myself to finish a task, that physically my body really didn’t want to do.  Also as I have had low blood pressure all my life, sometimes getting started has been a challenge.

Everything that I have ever studied was to assist myself though my own healing and rehabilitation.  After being bulimic from 1985-89, nutrition sparked my interest in 1989, and Yoga for Health was my beginning of self-care and teaching in 1990.  Psychology  and coaching were also interests I studied, along with many natural healing modalities.   As my health improved I added more physical fitness studies: example: personal trainer, gym instructor, Pilates, Aqua Instructor,  Chiball,  Zumba (not current), Core Yoga etc.  I again studied psychology and counselling, preferring to integrate this knowledge into coaching.

My speciality area is working with those that wish to regain fitness, and understand their body on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  I am a wholistic trainer who loves to coach individuals and small groups to understand themselves.  Encouraging all to find the motivation from within.  Understanding the fine balance between enough and too much.

A new intake of client/students will begin in mid July.  Limited numbers always apply.




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