Gunas and Doshas….what the?

The belief in yoga is there are three types of gunas or energies – balanced (sattva), aggressive (rajas) or inert (tamas).  It is through external influences that we can shift from the balanced energies that are internal, to the pendulum of aggressive or inert.  Happiness or balance is internal not external, and that internal focus moves through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Yoga is oneness, unity of mind, body and spirit.  To shift our health to balance and back to oneness, it is the fine line of shifting the agitation not into dullness but into clarity.  This means our first step towards health comes from shifting the dullness particularly first thing in the morning. The second step is to shift into a calm non-agitated place within, through the merging of heart and mind in mantra, affirming and visualising.  The third step comes through meditation and connection with the divine or higher self.

Doshas are the elemental qualities within the energy of the human being.  According to Ayurvedic Medicine there are three main types - Vata (Air/Space), Pitta (Fire/Water), and Kapha (Earth/Water).  Each have certain qualities, and some people will have one that is predominant; some two and a few will be three.

To understand the gunas, you will understand the energy within all things.  To understand your dosha type can assist to understand your body, mind and energy; and how to create balance for you.

This is currently how Sharon understands gunas and doshas.  She uses this information when working with student’s and clients to assist each individual to find their balance.  If Sharon can assist you just ask.


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