Clear the Clutter

Clear your clutter.

Clearing your clutter is a way to create a clear new space within you – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Have you started your clutter clearing? Start with one draw. If you haven’t used it for a year, or its out of date – throw it out. If you can’t bring yourself to throw something out, don’t force yourself. Put it in a review box, and have another look at it in six months. Be aware, what ARE you attached to and WHY? Let yourself be uplifted or find a peaceful space by all that surrounds you.

Some also are too quick to throw out before something is complete. Sometimes this is self sabotage, other times it is not wanting to face what is really there. Where are you? Wherever you are there will be learning. You can’t run away from a lesson. It will follow you, so the best thing is to be aware of your lesson. What are you learning?

Know clutter can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.  You will need to clear the level that will assist you to feel freer.  Find the ways that work for you.  Physical is easy to understand as it is just physical stuff.  Emotional is not easy for everyone, as they sometime get use to the clutter…when you are at peace and happy you are clear.  Mental is similar, people get use to there clutter.  Meditation helps with mental clutter.  Spiritual clutter is unique to each person, and can be connected to past life events.  Again meditation helps, and energy work may assist a clearing.

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