Be your own valentine

Have you told yourself lately that you love yourself?  Many people seek love outside themselves.  What if love is waiting for you right now, inside yourself?   Be your own valentine. A short meditation – loving yourself (my guides and angels offer the energetic umbrella for all whom choose this experience, along with your own guides […]

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Finding ways to open your intuition

What is intuition? It is that inner knowing, that in-tuition – that inner guide or teacher, that gut reaction, that ‘aha’ response.  Everyone has intuition, however it is just like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it is.  Depending what your predominant senses are ‘how’ you will predominantly sense your intuition.  Do […]

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Who are you? Who am I?

Have you ever asked the question, “who am I?”.  The answers lie within the roles, personas/archetypes or sub-personalities you play in your life.  Carl Jung called these behavioural patterns instinctive and archaic, and he theorised that there were many layers of consciousness in ”archetypes”.  Whatever you choose to name them, they form patterns which will often play out in your shadow /unconscious […]

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Sharon believes in the power of prayer.  She has found it to be a supportive practice through the years.  Sharon writes prayers for others and joins in world prayer groups and prayer circles.  This universal prayer is for all who read this page. “Dear God, goddess, archangels, angels and beings of the highest light, sometimes […]

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Feeling stuck?

Everyone at some point in their life can feel stuck in some area of there life. Common areas: Health, Fitness, Career, Life Purpose, Relationships, and Love. Or as Sharon has said before: Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual, or the astrology wheel. ‘You have to name it, or claim it, to change it’ Always the first step to change is through coming […]

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Possible ways to move beyond physical pain

Pain can be present for many reasons. Acute pain is normally short term sharp and exact, you normally know why it has been triggered. i.e. Birthing pain, surgery, injury or illness. Chronic pain however can be long term, move through a variety of sensations and be evasive. It can be from known and unknown sources.  […]

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Creating a mandala

What is a Mandala? In Sanskrit a sacred circle.  However, in Sharon’s view it is symbolic and sacred, and it makes the invisible visible, that is; a positive thought or quality visible into a sacred shape, symbol or pattern.  It assists that positive thought or quality to manifest.  When used in meditation, mandalas are keys to the subconscious, […]

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You can do it – Create a vision board

What is a vision board? It is the expression of your goals, affirmations and mission statement in pictures and written words. How can you do it? However you like.  You can draw, paint, cut out pictures, cut out words and you create a collage on paper, board or whatever you have in your cupboard at […]

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Gunas and Doshas….what the?

The belief in yoga is there are three types of gunas or energies – balanced (sattva), aggressive (rajas) or inert (tamas).  It is through external influences that we can shift from the balanced energies that are internal, to the pendulum of aggressive or inert.  Happiness or balance is internal not external, and that internal focus moves […]

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Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a wonderful tool that can be used to capture a train of thought.  This can be used for classes, workshops, seminars or just in your personal life to really lay out your thoughts.  It is a simple technique that can easily be mastered.  You begin with a focus.  Then you just add […]

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