What is training?  The aim of a trainer is to make learning easy, effective and enjoyable.

Sharon’s speciality area is working with those that wish to regain fitness, and understand their body on all levels, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  A wholistic trainer who loves to coach individuals and small groups to understand themselves; Sharon encourages all to find the motivation from within, and to understand the fine balance between enough and too much.

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Sessions/Classes or in Retreats:

REHAB training is the next step UP.  Through risk assessment, evaluation, hands-on techniques, activating inhibited muscles and blending into life, these process can change the way you move.  I’m excited, I have seen and felt improvements within my own body just by living and working with these processes and techniques.

Personal trainer - creating programmes indoor or outdoor for you and your level  - loving HIIT BLITZ 30mins, Blasting 24min Circuit, or 5 exercises x 4 reps with 30sec rests. Gym - creating personalised programmes for you in the gym.  Individually created training design for your needs or small group training within my scope of knowledge.

Yoga for Health – breath, meditation, postures, and relaxation  The postures in yoga are natural acupressure on the energy centres or chakras.  If you would like to know more about the chakras, ask for some personalised training. (Eg. Salute to the Sun)  Pilates – awaken your core   CORE Yoga – combo Yoga and Pilates

Chiball® Method - movement classes for health and well being based on Traditional Chinese Medicine – Tai Chi/Qigong, Dance/yoga, Pilates, release and relax.  Fire moves Yoga 60mins, Dance of the Dragon 30mins only.

Older adult - creating programmes designed for the older adult in mind, similar to Heart moves, Lift for Life, Beat it or Ageing with vitality

Are you ready for change?  Are you ready to train?

Sharon can assist you

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