The following comments have been made about several of the programs Sharon offers.

Coaching: I just wanted to say your healing is such a gift.  Thank you for sharing it with me.  It is truly appreciated.   L SA Australia

Training: ‘Be more Active’ Outdoor gym sessions – group comments – enjoyed the variation, all were happy with the service and their expectations were either met or exceeded, with all happy to recommend.

Training: Heart monitors were a fantastic tool for the clients to really see how hard they were working.  Fantastic problem solving ability and adaption of exercise to those more physical disabled clients.  An absolute pleasure to work with you Sharon, thank you again.  WP Coordinator Ayr QLD Australia

Training: Thank you for providing Meditation and Relaxation for Pregnant and Pampered Day, Girudala

Training: Thank you for being a stall holder at Fit Kids for Life promoting yoga for families and the 5min yoga challenge in Bowen and Collinsville 

Training: YogaI love your classes and I truly miss them when you don’t teach. L

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