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‘Student’ ‘Client’ ‘Person’ ‘Customer’ ‘Parties’ ‘Their’ ‘You’ ‘Your’ refers to the party who has accessed the website for information and or services at their own free will and choice.

‘Services’ refer to ‘classes’ ‘therapies’ ‘sessions’ ‘workshops’ or ‘events’

Privacy statement

Privacy is important.  All reasonable endeavours are taken to ensure your privacy is protected.  No names are used in any testimonials, only an initial, and in some cases town, state, country.  Any photos on this website are with permission.  Permission was granted at the time the photo was taken.  A photo of a person can be removed, by written request from that person only.  At events, permission maybe requested to video, if you don’t wish to be on camera, please advise prior to attendance.


Your personal information or email address will not be sold, shared, or rented to any third party.  Any emails sent from this website will only be connected to the agreed service or information requested.

If you are currently working with another health professional and there is any requirement to share information, strictly for health purposes; then written permission is required from  the client for any communication with another health professional or health fund.

At events, confidentiality is essential.  You can only share your own experienc, no one elses.


This website is not a replacement for medical, legal or other professional advice.  All information, services or tools provided are used at the individuals own free-will and choice.  Any person that choose to undertake physical activity as a part of a service or information offered must complete a pre-screening activity tool, and may require doctors permission to participate.  Where personalised programs are requested further forms and permission for assessments (initial for benchmarking, and reassess to note progress) may be required.

Each person is responsible for their own body, and should listen to their body, and only participate if there is no health issues that could be effected, and there is no pain.  Modifications to exercise can be made by a qualified professional.  If exercise is carried out outside a session, class, or workshop, it is at the student/clients own free will and choice, and is the student/clients responsibility to maintain safe practice.  Within any training session, a “Health Form” will need to be completed before any session.

Within any training/therapies/coaching/connecting/event session, a “Session Agreement” – including commitment, services and session procedures, confidentiality, privacy, session fees – either mini, full, one-off or multiple as discussed with Sharon, and termination and feedback.  The preparation for a session is required, various forms need to be completed by the student/client and returned to the trainer/therapist/coach/guide before each session/event  begins.  It contains some simple questions to assist to optimise the time together.  The trainer/therapist/coach/guide is a facilitator of change but it is the student/client’s responsibility to enact or bring about the change.

Each Therapy Session is offered within the guidelines of its capacity, and each person receiving therapy has free-will and choice.  All appointments are scheduled within allocated times.  Prior to the first appointment there will be prerequisites required for each therapy.  It is important that any forms are completed prior to the session, otherwise your therapy session will be shorter.  Special rates and time-frames apply to those that pre-pay for a block of the same therapy.  Each appointment still needs to be booked and confirmed.  You may transfer an appointment with 72hrs notice.  A “NO-show” will be charged.

Any reading offered to a client, is only a glimpse of how things are in a moment, at the time of the reading. Regardless of the information you receive, you have free will and choice to believe or act on your messages.  Angel or guide work is a partnership, offering ideas and insights; you choose to integrate the information and use your intuition to help you answer your questions.  As a coach, my role is to offer you an unbiased reading, not predict the future or state something with complete certainty.  A reading can offer a new way of looking at your life.  Sometimes it assists to gain clarity.  Please note that there are no refunds after a reading.  Readings are not to be used in place of professional or medical advice.  You are responsible for any decisions or actions you choose based on the readings.  Your choice to schedule a reading or include it within the session/event is in full agreement with these terms and conditions.

Any reflection written is “food for thought”.  It is written as inspiration, a possible boost to find what works for you, with your own free will and choice.  It is not written in replacement for medical, legal or professional advice.

Any links provided “at the time of input” were suggested links of possible interest, to be viewed with your own free will and choice.


All services direct with Sharon are pre-paid via cash, direct debit or Paypal.  An invoice will be issued on request that is valid for 7days.  If payment is not received prior to the scheduled date of service, or within 7days of the invoice, then no services will be provided.

Once payment is received a receipt can be issued on request.  Once classes/ therapies/ sessions/ workshops or events have been scheduled there will be no refund.  In some cases postponement of classes/ therapies/ sessions/ workshops or events will allow an altered date, with 72hrs prior notice.  This can occur only if services are available on that altered date.  In facilitating events, with cancellations part fees maybe refunded depending on expenses incurred, and if purchased items can be redistributed, or it may depend on other parties involved, eg. Accommodation in a workshop.


This entire website is under copyright unless otherwise noted.  No portion of this website can be displayed, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, distributed by any means without the permission of the copyright holder.

Modification of materials is a violation of copyright.

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