You can do it – Create a vision board

What is a vision board?

It is the expression of your goals, affirmations and mission statement in pictures and written words.

How can you do it?

However you like.  You can draw, paint, cut out pictures, cut out words and you create a collage on paper, board or whatever you have in your cupboard at the time.  It will be something you will want to display all year around, so make it wonderful.  My last vision board, I was so enthusiastic, I did both the front and the back.  The photo is the back :D

The simplest way to create a vision board is through old magazines and newspapers.  You spontaneously cut out the pictures and words you are drawn to, and then have a board to paste them on in a way that is pleasing to you.

If you have already created a vision board before, and not all of the vision has manifested yet, you might like to just use that board again.  Only paste over the parts that have already manifested.  You can also create your vision board within a mandala. (A series of webinars was created in 2014 on creating mandalas and mantras – check out webinars)

There are no limits, only the limits you place on yourself.  Go for it, you can do it!

If you need assistance, contact Sharon to create a class/workshop/session to “create your vision board”.

Other resources:  Re-purpose your Vision Board



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