Why the Gym?

Some people believe that the gym is only for muscle bound men and some women. This is only a small portion of why people will attend a gym. Indeed, if you choose to be muscle bound, you can. However, once you understand that a workout designed for your needs will create what you are after, “gym” takes on a new meaning.

All workouts low to moderate fitness operate within guidelines of intensity, duration, type and frequency. Some may have heard of the FITT principle – frequency (3-6/week), intensity (target HR or kg/rep/time), time (cardio from 20/30 to 45/60, resistance same but rest is important) and type (cardio or resistance) designed for the general population.

Depending on what your needs are, you can develop muscle, tone, endurance, balance, flexibility or cardio and more. For me personally, my own programme always incorporates my intuitive needs, and becomes a more meditative process. To me, going to the gym isn’t a social outing, but a focussed time for fitness and reflection. However, it can be social event, if that’s your focus.

Get what you need, through a personally designed programme.  If you would like to learn more, contact Sharon.


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