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The Magic of Affirmation

Affirmation is simply a positive statement, in the present, first person tense.  It becomes your focus to lead you in the positive direction you are seeking.  The basics of writing great affirmations with IMPACT:

I=Make it “I” positive.  We can’t change others, only ourselves.  Start with “I”.  It is not about what you are moving away from, but where you are going.

M=Make it “motivated” in the now, honest and realistic.  As though it is already happening.  For example:  Achievement words – “I am”, ‘I have”; Action words – “I easily”, “I quickly”, “I enjoy”, “I love”, “I thrive on”; Emotional words – “I warmly”, “I happily”, “I enthusiastically”.  If a word is flat, unconvincing or lifeless don’t use it.  Aim as high as you can honestly imagine.

P=Make it “purposely” balanced and confidential.  Remember to have a balanced focus in all areas of your life – Personal, Health, Relationships, Finance, Career, Social, Spiritual, Community etc.  Affirmations are for yourself.  Others can hold us back, get upset when we change or grow, and remind us of our old self-image.  If you choose to share your affirmations, share with those that support you, and can assist you to achieve your focus.

ACT= Take “action” to read, picture and feel.  Feel the affirmation in your body.  Adjust your affirmation until it feels “right” or uplifting.  Once set, READ it, PICTURE it, FEEL it; and repeat your affirmation morning and night.


                        Why not READ it, PICTURE it and FEEL it for 100% IMPACT

If you need assistance to create your affirmations with impact, just contact Sharon for a session.


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