The chakras

I have been aware and worked with the chakras or energy centre for 25years. The centres tell you a lot about yourself, and where you are at.  The major seven, all have a corresponding endocrine glands that assist your hormones to be balanced.  The centres also are the jump off point to the layers or levels of energy that you are.  How your chakras are, speaks of where you are in your journey.

Keeping your chakras clear, charged and balanced can be achieved through multiple ways.  Here are some of the ways I have used over the years:

Yoga Asana or postures are like natural acupressure points on the chakras, they either can soothe or stimulate, and that is why postures are often carried out in pairs, to create balance.  Chiball, Qigong, and Tai Chi, have a similar effect.  Pilates less so, but excellent for core muscles.

Energy lines, or Meridian lines or acupuncture lines or nadis lines are where all the minor energy points are and where they cross over create major energy points.  Working with lines will effect your chakras, to clear, charge and balance.

Meditation has a soothing and revitalising effect on the chakras.  I believe this is partly to do with slowing of the brain waves, and the effect this must have on the pituitary gland, that is said to govern the others.

Breathing has an affect on the chakras as the breath is prana, chi or energy, and the energy flows through the olfactory sensory organ at the back of the nose into the nervous system via the spinal column that then charges the body, glands and the chakras.  Breathing correctly makes a difference.

Energy work of all types, has an effect on the chakras.  From a simple chakra balance to a chelation, the benefits of charged chakras can be felt.  What does it feel like?  Vital, alive, energised.

When I first began working with chakras in 1990, I wasn’t aware of their full impact.  I was simply following a practice of Yoga, and energy work.  The effects for me, were to feel better, more able to handle stresses of life, and improve my wellbeing.

It was when I began Awakening your Light Body (AYLB) in 1996, that I became aware how much they effected the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.  AYLB is an advanced meditation practice that I trained in and have taught others.  It involves sounds, guided meditations and the advanced levels involves running your energy to self-exciting, to be able to maintain your energy, particularly when teaching or doing global work.  When teaching you learn to track energy, and it gave me a difference bigger perspective of energy and the chakras.

There are many teachings on chakras, and I find all assist for your own unfoldment and awareness.  In 2000 I came across teachings of 7 dimensional bodies, each with their own 7 chakras.  The suggestion was each dimension raised the frequency until the 49th dimension where merging with the purest form of light.

Find what works for you, and use it.  You will enjoy many benefits with clear, charged and balanced chakras.


Yes, the foods you eat can correspond to your chakras, just as crystals and aromatherapy can too.

Denise Linn chakra portals

Deborah King chakra chart. Deboarah Kings cards


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