Starting the journey towards REHAB Trainer

I understand Rehab from many angles, though life experiences.  Rehab Trainer is my current study, through Rehab Express online and then a live workshop in September.

I have a passion for health and wellbeing, regularly studying many modalities and techniques to first help myself, update my knowledge and then help others.  I am a wholistic trainer/coach, with knowlege in many areas such as a Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, Gym Instructor, Pilates, Remedial Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Flower Essence, Lifeforce Coach, Counsellor, Safety Officer, Rehab Coordinator etc, etc.

I believe the whole picture is necessary to understand the root cause.  Everyone has a story, and it’s like putting a jigsaw together to find the best way to work with each individual.  I love psychology and use CBT techniques and motivational interviewing.  I like to focus on what can be done wholistically, and what a client is willing to do, to empower and get them back on their feet.  I am currently writing a couple of books.

I am excited to be furthering my studies.  If I can assist you, just ask to see if I have space to work with you.  As I practice more REHAB techniques, I will be looking to assist awareness of any muscle imbalances, and sharing what can assist you.  I have always been happy to work beside other health professionals, and will always refer if I believe there is need for exercise physiologist, medical practitioner or other professional assistance.

Looking forward to sharing the journey.


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