Space Clearing

Since the early 1990s I have been consciously space clearing, to shift spaces to a higher energy.  I also call it ‘intuitive placement’ where you look at a room and feel what will shift, clear or heal the space. I have used incense, smudge sticks, symbols, bells, crystals, rocks, elements (earth, fire, air and water), directions (east, south, west, north) chimes, drums, spray bottles, highest guides or angels,  flower essences or essential oil as tools to assist the process.

I intuitively clear to shift the space to feel good.  During one of my 2014 Webinars I was teaching, I was guided to do a version of the joy of life breath from yoga, however with the focus of shifting energy, until the room began to vibrate, and then there was only joy.  I have never shifted space like that before, and it was magic.  So simple but effective.

In the past, I have assisted clients to shift the space within their own home to a higher level, and to invite the guardian of the home to work with us for the highest good.  Each room can be dedicated to a specific energy.  This is carried out with reverence and respect to the occupants, for the highest good.  It is a ceremony of clearing that allows for the rituals of the clients be specific to their beliefs and needs.

After space clearing, the space should feel more spacious, open and filled with the highest intent for what the space is used.  If you would like assistance to clear a space, and lift it’s energy to a higher level.  Just ask, this can be created via distant assist, or directly in person, or via Skype if you have a mobile device.  Space clearing, creates sacred space.

In 2014/15 I participated in on-going professional development with further practices which included many wonderful blessed techniques for dispelling and activating energy.  If you would like your space cleared energetically, just ask


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