Retreats@RoseBayResort – March2018 Topic

Guidelines for Retreat Topic – based on a book ONE written by Sharon McLaughlin 2003/2017 – “WholeSense – a program for healing and a more joy-filled life”

Each group that comes together shapes the group direction of a Retreat based on the chosen topic.  Over 10hrs of inspirational ideas & learning.  Opitional upgrades/ treatments will be based on the individual group requests and separate fees apply as outsourced or as time and availability permits.  Ask Sharon.

Extras include #healthylivingshifts – ideas for healthy food.  Plus two 1/2hr morning exercise sessions.

On booking, schedule your 1/2hr private coaching with Sharon — included in the Retreat fees plus another private 1/2hr session during the Retreat.

YOUR 3day Retreat

Open circle – goals

Session ONE:  Access your life – Who are YOU?  What needs healing and what is most effective?  Why do you procrastinate? What is your switch to action?

Session TWO:  Physical – anatomy, function and beyond.  The Link – Chakras and Nadis Lines

Session THREE: Emotional  signposts- what do you feel?  Choose empower or disempowerment.

Session FOUR: Self-talk, your mental thoughts.  Core beliefs, support or sabotage, What do you believe?

Session FIVE: what is this spiritual stuff?  Connecting to your spirit – your higher self – what is your purpose?

Closing circle – achievements – and there’s more

Ask Sharon - or schedule a face-to-face in person or chat via Skype, or Zoom.


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