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Guidelines for Retreat Topic – based on a book ONE written by Sharon McLaughlin 2003/2018 – “WholeSense – skills for a healing joy-filled life”

Each group that comes together shapes the group direction of a Retreat based on the chosen topic.  Over 10hrs of inspirational ideas & learning.  Opitional upgrades/ treatments will be based on the individual group requests and separate fees apply as outsourced or as time and availability permits.  Ask Sharon.

Extras include #healthylivingshifts – ideas for healthy food.  Plus two 1/2hr morning exercise sessions.

On booking, schedule your 1/2hr private coaching with Sharon — included in the Retreat fees plus another private 1/2hr session during the Retreat.

YOUR 3day Retreat – current topic for 2018

Open circle – goals

Session ONE:  Access and assess your life – Who are YOU?  What needs healing and what is most effective?  Why do you procrastinate? What is your switch to action?

Session TWO:  Physical – anatomy, function and beyond.  The Link – Chakras and Nadis Lines

Session THREE: Emotional  signposts- what do you feel?  Choose empower or disempowerment.

Session FOUR: Self-talk, your mental thoughts.  Core beliefs, support or sabotage, What do you believe?

Session FIVE: what is this spiritual stuff?  Connecting to your spirit – your higher self – what is your purpose?

Closing circle – achievements – and there’s more

Ask Sharon - or schedule a face-to-face in person or chat via Skype, or Zoom.

BOOK NOW,  All bookings will CLOSE one month prior  - deposit to hold your space, and final payment one week prior.

Please note:  If you cancel after the healthy food packages are ordered, unfortunately your deposit will be non-refundable.  If you have paid the full amount, and wish to cancel, your accommodation will be released for rebooking.  If rebooked your accommodation maybe refunded minus an administration fee.  Any outsourced treatments or upgrades will be governed by applicable fees for late cancellation dependant on fees and costs applied. Depending on the circumstances and availablity scheduling to the next event may be available, however the event may not be the same.


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