Resilience – lesson or blessing?

If you were taught directly or indirectly, “that you’re tough” and “to make the most of what you have” does that forever challenge you?  Do you stay in places you should have long left, and put up with things, you never needed to put up with.  OR is it a blessing to turn lemons into lemonade.

My view, it’s both.  As the lesson, it is about learning when holding on or hanging on, doesn’t always serve you.  Sometimes there is a time to let go.

As a blessing, it can allow you to have the strength to move through life’s downs and ups.

What if, it is within your power to break a pattern?  What if, you became conscious and choose your life?  What if, blame is removed, and creating your own fame, is up to you.  No matter what you have learnt.  Why not re-pattern yourself?

If you need assistance to re-pattern, ask.  A coaching sessions can assist you.

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