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As long as Sharon can remember, she has always been artistic and creative.  Over the years, Sharon has expressed the artist in many ways from being her dolls hairdresser, to singing anywhere and anytime, to dance, on stage in plays and amateur productions; drawing; painting from backdrops for ballet, sides of business walls and shop fronts to wall paintings; applying makeup; scrapbooking (before it became a trend); taking artistic photos, teaching classes with mandalas, and creating classes, workshops, seminars, and retreats with whatever modality she has trained in or as guided for others; drawing guides and auric fields, writing and more.

Recently Sharon has played with 3D acrylic paintings, where she adds to her original 2D painting, things that will allow the painting to have a more textural and 3D effect.  Example Photos: A photo Sharon has taken of a whale at Rose Bay, and the 3D painting “A whale of a tale” using shells and dried coconut leaves and nuts.  She has also created some vibrant paintings through layering of complementary colours, to add vibrant undertones.  Example Photos: ”The Cottage” a photo Sharon have taken, and “the Cottage” the vibrant painting technique.

Over the past seven years, Sharon has also dabbled in artistic photography and has photos which she will be producing into “Nature’s Art” with poetry.  She will be producing PDF books for children to inspire imagination and meditation; and inspired words for all occasions in 2014.  At the end of 2013, Sharon celebrates her fiftieth year, with much joy and gratitude to all who have been with her in her journey.  For her family Sharon has created a photo book and included her poem “Family”.

Family by Sharon McLaughlin ©2013

F is for a familiar face that lifts you when you are down.

A is for the appreciation of all the support and care around.

M is for the millions of things that create a happy home.

I is for the individuals, unique but not alone.

L is for the unconditional love that is shared every day.

Y is for you that makes me feel this way.  You are my family.

For Family is like a diamond, that forms through the ages and goes through stages.

It is precious and priceless; and when the time is taken.

It is with each individual facet that makes the diamond shine more brightly.

One of her greatest joys is to be creative.  If you would like to be inspired “to be creative”, then just Contact Sharon to create a class for you.  She teaches one-0n-0ne, in group, through Skype, email and phone.  Creativity has no limits, only the limits you put on yourself.  Be the artist that you desire to be.  If you don’t believe you are an artist, Sharon can assist you to find your unique creative ability.  As human beings we are all creative.  Be creative today, right now.

Sharon’s newest artworks are added regularly to this gallery and the creating gallery.  View other reflections on creating or other reflections on artists, via the creating category under the reflections tab.


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