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Reflection on the artist – - – - – Lucy Deslandes

With a background in interior design and a passion for Feng Shui, Lucy awakens her artist through creating pieces of art that can shift the energy of the space in which they sit. Lucy loves the unlimited potential of using symbolic images and the five elements in works of art.

As a Feng Shui consultant, Lucy can create a more harmonious environment within work or home, through placement of her artworks. Lucy’s aim with her works of art is to create harmony and joy. In the past she has achieved this through acrylic paintings then converted to digital prints for wall hangings, cards, and mediation signs. Her artworks are continuing to evolve.

Lucy has created a new website which is a combination of her artist, consultant and healer. If you would like to purchase any of Lucy’s works of art, or learn more about Lucy. Contact Lucy via phone: 0418 838 388 or email:

“The Holistic Oracle” artwork and design by Lucy, with content and words by Antoinette Braks.  If you would like to purchase your deck now, just click on this link


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  • Love that you all your talents and skills on one website. I’m yet to add my teacher/ coach to my website.

  • Sharon McLaughlin says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Blessings be, S

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