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Reflection on the artist ——— Lisa Skura

Lisa Skura has developed her techniques and art over time.  It began when she was given an assignment in college, that still forms the foundation for all her works, and fascinates her to this day.  The assignment was to create a reliquary. Lisa remembers that no one knew what a reliquary was and it was the groups first assignment to investigate the meaning.

A reliquary is a container for the remains of saints or ancestor’s bones or clothing that are considered imbued with sacred or magical powers. The idea of creating containers for sacred objects or to create a sacred object that holds a power for the user has always been interesting to her. Lisa has always been interested in amulets and symbolism and what they intend to invoke for the user. Organizing separate objects that have their own power and then becoming sacred speaks to the unconsciousness. She sees beauty in both the dark and the light. Combining the parts to create a whole that invokes a power that we all have in the world and what we might have thought we lost.

Lisa is a student of energy medicine and wants to create art that can heal and call back power to the user and protect them. “Shamanistic” is the word commonly used when commenting on her art.   Lisa is a weaver of cloth and a spinner of thread.  She has always been a painter; can be a jeweller at times, a photographer and looks forward to creating a career in all her artist endeavours. Lisa has begun exploring creating shamanistic tools such as drums and rattles.  She has been exploring Tarot cards and in the future wishes to create a deck of her own.

All can feel the power within her works of art.  If you are interested in purchasing any of her current available artworks, please contact Lisa direct via email

Written by Lisa Skura, edited by published with permission



2 Responses to Reflection on the artist ——— Lisa Skura

  • Wow Lisa, Love the inspirations in your art making. Love the variety. Love the power of intention used to create empowered tools for healing. Sharon, great idea sharing artists’ visions. Love this!

  • Sharon McLaughlin says:

    Thanks for the lovely feedback :) sharonmcl

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