Reflection on the artist ———— Catherine Parker

Artist, educator, traveller

Catherine Parker is a professional artist and Art educator with a passion for inspiring others.

In 2005 Catherine visited India as an ‘’Artist in Residence’’ and this was the catalyst for great change. She travels extensively with her sketchbook and watercolours and loves to connect deeply and joyfully with the environment and people – 15 journeys later (to India), catherine now facilitates Art journeys for like minded creatives. These two week Drawn to India Art tours allow participants to immerse themselves in Indian culture creativity and spirituality with many yearning to return: see www.catherineparkerarttours.com

Catherine has been a professionally practising contemporary artist for 20 years. Her paintings and mixed media works delve into the subconscious, linking our personal mythology to our universal and earthly realms. A combination of symbolic with figurative and abstract elements, they invite the viewer to contemplate a much wider picture. Vibrant and restful at the same time, they challenge perceptions of our reality that she views as multi dimensional where we can experience parallel happenings see www.catherineparker.com.au and online at www.sgar.com.au – Spiro Grace Art Rooms

Catherine is also passionate about educating others through her painting-mixed media classes and workshops. Participants fly from all parts of Australia to experience her eclectic and inspiring approach. Her passion is assisting others to express their own story together through gently guiding and taking risks.  Catherine runs a Summer, Winter and Spring mini Art Programme for 3 days.  To book or speak to her about her next programme, phone +617 4637 8840 or mobile +61400 991 710, or contact via her website email, see www.catherineparkerarttours.com

Written by Catherine Parker (edited by sharonmcl) printed with permission


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