Reflection on the artist ———– Carolyn Bellis

Carolyn Bellis expresses her life experiences emotively through her art, and takes you on a journey through emotion and the psyche.  From her mid-twenties after experiencing psychotic breakdowns, diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic and being institutionalized for 8 years, art became a “healing process” a pathway through emotional turmoil.  Art has become Carolyn’s path to claim her spirituality, her peace, and became “like” a nurturing mother to her sanity.

Many of the earlier works have a fantasy quality, and you can observe her evolution as each imagine, line and colour within Carolyn artwork speaks to you differently.  She covers a wide variety of mediums, each expresses her style in a unique way from process artwork, wrappings, watercolour, oil on canvas, printmaking, ink on paper, through to pastel chalk on paper, ceramic, acrylic, ink and watercolour, and she is now moving into figurative works.  The photos here only capture a small section of her works.

The artist, Carolyn Bellis, has truly captured the mysterious, strange and foreign within a symphony of colour and texture, which can surprise, haunt and delight your senses. From Emeryville, California, USA; if you would like to learn more about Carolyn’s past, present, or future artworks available, visit her website:; or email your enquiry to:; or Phone: USA +1 510 593 7141.


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