other ceremonies

Other ceremonies

A ceremony can be created for any significant event in your life.  It is about symbology, ritual and ceremony.  What it means to you, your family, your culture, your community, creates the ceremony.  Through taking the time to understand your needs, Sharon can assist to create “the ceremony” that suits you and your needs.  Just ask.

Anniversary -  Anniversaries celebrate another year has passed. Some believe the number means a certain thing, others believe each year that goes by should be celebrated and rejoiced for blessing of another year.  If you would like to create a ceremony around your anniversary, Sharon can assist to write a ceremony for that special anniversary that is yours.  (Link to suggested gift meanings for anniversary numbers)

Graduation -  A graduation ceremony is generally a part of any traditional educational system. However, if for some reason you are unable to attend your event, or your family and friends would like to privately congratulate you, then a graduation ceremony may be exactly what you need.

That special birthday – Whether it it’s your 1st, 16th, 18th, 21st, 50th or 80th, every birthday is special. For some, some numbers are more significant. When celebrating that special day you may choose to have a birthday ceremony, or you may like some special poetry written just for you.

Commitment -  A commitment ceremony is often an expression of commitment in a relationship, where marriage is not sort or possible. It is not a legal ceremony, but is more for the individuals to formalise their relationship in front of family and friends. It depends on the individuals needs how the ceremony would unfold, and to be mindful that it cannot pretend to be anything else but what it is, a personalised sacred ceremony for committed individuals.

Divorce or uncoupling -  Sadly not all marriages or partnerships last the distance. If you find yourself in this position and you have completed your legal requirements, you may feel it necessary to complete a ceremony to finalise your relationship.


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