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Opening to your creativity now!

Words came to Sharon in 2002, to assist her with her own creativity.  It was only when a student expressed an interest in 2004 that Sharon then put it into a © PDF to assist others.

This PDF booklet is called “Opening to your creativity now!” and covers:  an Introduction by Sharon, A Message from Spirit, What is creativity? Meditation – Child of Creation, The levels, You have a choice, What do you believe about your creativity? What areas do you allow yourself to be creative?  Are you beliefs on your creativity empowering or not?  You have a dream… What is your dream?  Do you walk your talk?  What is stopping you living that dream? Creative self-esteem, confidence and self-respect, how do you gain these qualities?  What of self-doubt?  Blocked creativity, Meditation – Overcoming Doubt, Call on inspiration, Meditation – Flame of purpose, Being all you can be, Opening – today you play, The Form – Creative Expression, Closing Message from Spirit and Sharon.

If you would like assistance to open to your creativity now, or you are seeking a copy of this PDF then contact Sharon.


4 Responses to Opening to your creativity now!

  • Please send me a copy if your PDF on opening your creativity.
    Thank you,
    Carolyn Bellis

  • Sharon McLaughlin says:

    There is a nominal fee of $8 for this PDF. I can invoice by PayPal if you choose. Blessings be, S.

  • Carolyn says:

    I never did read your response to my message last November. Sorry I did not get back to you….you can invoice Pay Pal if you like. That would be fine…Blessings, Carolyn

  • Sharon McLaughlin says:

    Carolyn, an email is coming your way soon, Blessings, S

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