Mini coaching “helping hand” zoom 1/2hr sessions

NOW offering exciting NEW mini coaching ‘helping hand’ zoom video 1/2hr sessions – no email summary.  Audio recordings made on request.  Agreement and Pre-session SCORE sheet to create focus, returned prior to scheduled session/s.

  • Energy work is used to speed up the process, and only used with your permission.  (Which may include permission for remote viewing prior to the session or maybe asked within the session.). This is noted within the agreement, and no energy work is done without your permission.
  • Any agreement is current, if signed within current year.  Limited available time, once prepaid, forms completed and scheduled – overseas time difference will need to factor in my sessions as my general availability is only between 10am-3pm AUS AEST.  There are some dates and times, including weekends, I’m not available.  However, generally I work around mine and the clients schedule to find the best time.
  • You, the client will require the zoom app.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the Pre-session SCORE sheet, it’s a modified version of “identifying your potentials” SCORE or SWOT analysis.

Just email –  with subject ‘helping hand’ and when you would prefer your sessions (note: general availability), and a papal invoice will be emailed to you.  Please download the zoom ap.  Advise your full name and email address to receive your Agreement and Pre-session SCORE sheet, which will need to be returned prior to the session.


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