Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping is a wonderful tool that can be used to capture a train of thought.  This can be used for classes, workshops, seminars or just in your personal life to really lay out your thoughts.  It is a simple technique that can easily be mastered.  You begin with a focus.  Then you just add off that focus, any thoughts, ideas, information that is important to that focus.  You can draw lines or branches, you can draw pictures if it is your way.  It is a brainstorming tool.  You just keep going until it is done.  Sometimes you need a big piece of paper, and other times an A4 is enough.

Give it a go!

Example 1: Maybe you are studying a book, so the book is your focus.  Each chapter then could be a line off the centre, which is the book.  From each chapter you may have key points or drawings to remember what you have experienced from reading this book.

Example 2: Maybe you are brainstorming an idea.  At the centre write your initial idea.  Each thought that connects can branch off it, and if further resources are needed, ideas to follow.

Example 3: Maybe you want to make a decision.  Mind Map both the pros and the cons on separate sheets, or simultaneously.

There are many other ways that mind mapping can be used.  If you need to read a book on the subject, then “Mind Mapping” by Tony Buzan is a great book; or if you would like Sharon to teach you, just ask.


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