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Anyone that has attended a class with me, will have heard me say these words: “Listen to YOUR body”.  What does it mean?  It actually has a literal and a multidimensional meaning.  When you take the time to “listen to your body” you would never do anything with your body to cause it harm or pain.  When you seek the thoughts and emotions that are locked in your body, you will know yourself at a greater depth when you listen.  When you seek the messages your body is telling you, you will want to “listen to your body”.

One of the many memorable first books I read in the 90s was “Heal Your Body” by Louise L Hay.  A great book, as a beginning point, to “listen to your body”.  It has a glossary of body parts with concerns, and what they could possibly be telling you.  I don’t believe her words are spot on for everyone, but the basic understanding that your body is offering a message, and you can re-create a positive affirmation for every body part or condition is TRUE for all, if you choose it.   It was (and still is occasionally) my go to book, when I am stuck in regard to what was the possible root cause.  It offers inspiration to view an issue from a new perspective.

If you have a concern or issue with your body now, STOP and take the time to “listen to your body”.  What is your body telling you?  How can you reframe the message to a new positive perspective?  What is the lesson?  How can you learn quickly and shift to a new better way?

Breathe, Focus, Listen and Know.

Another great book I’ve had for years, is called “The body is the barometer of the soul, so be your own doctor II” by Annette Noontil.  Again, inspirational from “the need to look inside”, to “the qualities we come to learn” it explores the chakras and “the need to change”.  Another go-to book when you can’t see the Forest for the trees.

However, Breathe, Focus, Listen and Know is the way for each to find their own way.

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