Knowing yourself

There are many ways to understand yourself more fully.  Here are just some of the ways Sharon has explored, and her view on the value in each.

Astrology –  Western, Vedic, Celtic – this is a great way to view your personality via Astrology, it also offers influences that may effect your direction.  Depending on your belief system you can take it with a grain of salt, and just a view of possibilities.  Quick heads up – your sun sign offers only a part of who you are.  The astrological wheel offers much more information of elements, seasons and more.  The different lineages offer different perspectives, all offer value.

Some reference examples for astrology: “Oziology by Schirmer, Clementi and Harmer” “Astrology for the soul by Jan Spiller” “Astrology for dummies by Rae Orion” “Vedic Astrology by Komilla Sutton” “The complete book of Chinese horoscope by Lori Reid” “The celtic moon sign kit by Helena Paterson”

Numerology – again it can assist with analysing your name, goals, personality, destiny, birthpath, birthday/talents, power number, challenges, pinnacles and more; through the symbolic meaning of numbers.  Again depending on your belief system, what you will take from this information, and if you take the open view  of all information having value, then again you can view possibilities.

Some reference examples for numerology: “Helping yourself with numerology by Helyn Hitchcock”

Flower Essence (FE) – are based on the theory that for every problem in the world, there is a plant that can fix it.  They produced via homeopathic like method by gathering the essence of the plant in distilled water and preserving in brandy, which creates stock, that then is watered down for use, orally or topically.  Sharon discovered that you can also connect to the essence or energy of the plant directly or indirectly via photos or cards for great benefit and understanding of yourself.

Some reference examples for FE: “Australian Bush Flower Essences by Ian White” “Australian Bush flower Healing by Ian White”

Chakra work - Sharon has worked with chakras since 1990 and has found that there are seven major energy centres within the body, which relate to the endocrine system on the physical level.  These centres also connect to emotions, thoughts and spiritual.  If they are not functioning properly they can effect the physical body.  They can also offer understanding on where you are “at” currently and how you process.

Characterology – five defence states which effect the structure of your bodies, physically, emotional, mentally and spiritually.  This helps for you to understand yourself and others, and know when you move into a defence state.

Some reference examples for characterology: “Hands of light and Light emerging by Barbara ann Brennan”

Archetypes or personas - an individual behavioural patterns that becomes or is a universal patterns.

Some reference examples for archetypes: “Sacred Contracts by Caroline Myss” “Archetypes of the Zodiac by Kathleen Burt” “The hero within, 6 we live by – Carol S Pearson PHD” Check out some of Carl Jung’s work.

Deities/Angels/God/Goddess - as a reflection of what  qualities you are seeking – this ties into mythology, symbology and unfolds into archetypes.

Some reference examples: “Gods in everyman by Jean Shinoda Bolen MD” “The Goddess Within by J Barker Woolger and RJ Woolger”

Psychology - Sharon has a love of psychology theory, she favours Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques, as well as an integrative perspective to assist to understand yourself and find ways within the change cycle to modify unhealthy patterns.

Four Temperaments - Choleric, Melancholic, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, which can relate to the four elements of fire, earth, air and water.  These four have positive attributes such as Adventurous, Analytical, Adaptable and Amusing with and weaknesses of Angry, Critical, Afraid, Careless, just as some examples of the temperaments.

Some reference examples of temperaments and personalities: “Love, health and happiness by Xandria Williams” “Personality plus how to understand yourself and others by Florence Littauer”

Myers/Briggs - based on the ideas of Carl Jung of psychological types, defined eight fundamental patterns of mental activity; and MBTI developed into 16 types.  Sharon believes it is a wonderful way to understand yourself and others.  Based on your preferences for focussed attention/ get energy(Extravert/Introvert); take in information(Sensing/Intuition); make decisions(Thinking/Feeling); and deal with the outer world (Judging/Perceiving).

Reference: Google it, and you find lots of information

Doshas and gunas - Doshas are the elemental qualities within the energy of the human being.  According to Ayurvedic Medicine there are three main types - Vata (Air/Space), Pitta (Fire/Water), and Kapha (Earth/Water). And there is a belief in yoga there are three types of gunas or energies – balanced (sattva), aggressive (rajas) or inert (tamas). Again these are simply ways of understanding and knowing yourself more fully.

Past Lives - Sharon first studied past life regression with Denise Linn, in the early 90s.  It became a wonderful way of perceiving experiences in daily life, that had a strong emotional charge which did not have any grounding in the present moment.

Reference:  Denise Linn

and more through creating, training, coaching, connecting, reflections, and links.




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