Healthy Living Shifts

Remember when starting any healthy living, to create shifts you need to:

*Stay with a plan

*Have a vision

*Set SMART goals

When someone starts a healthy living program, a common question is why aren’t I loosing weight?  Well, a healthy living program is not about loosing weight it is about feeling good, and the side benefit is you may loose some weight.  If you need to loose weight, or you have plateaued and not shifting some stubborn kilograms, there are many reasons why.

*How much are you really eating?  Keep a diary.  Sometimes your portion size is just too much.  Other times you may not be eating enough to speed up your metabolism.  Are you doing gluten free, diary free, vegetarian?  Are you eating organic?  Remember your healthy plate.

*How are your hormones?  Yes, mainly for women, (however, some men) hormone imbalance can make a difference.  Puberty, pregnancy, menopause, all have an affect on individuals differently.  If you are concerned about your thyroid or your hormone balance, seek assistance.  In the meantime….Breathe….Relax, meditate and eat enough healthy foods.

*Are you regular?  Are you going to the toilet everyday?  Are you getting enough fibre?  Are you drinking enough water?

*Are you detoxing?  Releasing toxins from your system happens when you first start eating clean and organic, letting go of allergens, inflammatory or acid forming foods.

*How is your exercise program?  I love being older because you don’t need to work as hard to reach your 60-80%.  I find HIIT or circuit training works well.  Love this app 7MWC app.  It’s 12 exercisers in 7mins.  When first starting out, just do what you can.  If you persist you will see a difference.  If you have a health conditions that limits your movement, you can easily modify.  You may need an assessment from a PT or Rehab trainer.  Just ask me.

*Mix it up.  This can shift your metabolic rate.

*Stay with your healthy living program.  Progress is progress.  It may be your clothes feel better on you.  It may mean you feel better.  It may mean your skin or hair looks better.

Lastly, if you have done all you can do, it might be time to chat with a coach or personal trainer to help you achieve your goals.  Just ask me.


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