What is a guide?  Someone whom assists a traveller to reach an unknown or unfamiliar destination; offer points of interest, showing a path, advising or giving counsel in both practical or spiritual ways, and can be a mentor.

We all have angels and guides.  It just depends if you are communicating with yours.  Depending on your predominant sense you find easiest to communicate.  Your guides can take many different shapes and sizes.  You will at some point have a physical guide.

Sharon has been consciously aware and communicating with her highest guides and angels since the mid 90s.  Prior to this time she was aware that there was something and it was more intermittent.  For Sharon, meditation was the key that created a better connection.

Sharon believes that all guides are via your agreement, and it is best to be conscious of these agreements, and choose the highest source.  First connect with your own higher self.  Then, Sharon encourages all to have a gatekeeper, whom acts as a filter and guide to your life purpose.  The rest are by choice and appointment, if you are conscious.

You can have as many guides as you choose, or as many as serves a purpose.  There can be guides that have had a past life associate with you, animal guides, Ascendant master guides, deity guides, healing guides, financial guides, business guides, relationship guides, fitness guide, celebrations guide, artistic guide, general guides, angel guides, unicorn guides, elemental guides, ancestral or family guides, lineage guides, and the list is as long as you can imagine.

Some guides stay with you for a lifetime, and others only for a purpose or set time.  I remember one guide that came to me in the mid 90s when I was doing a hands-on-healing session, and the guide appeared as male, he said “Finally you are listening, my job is done”, and with that he left and I have never seen or heard from him again.

Sharon has hundreds of guides, whom she calls upon depending on what she is doing at the time.  She only works with the highest guides, and releases any that are not from the highest light, highest guidance, highest purpose.  Guides can become “like” your spiritual community and family, and like any relationship the more you are with them, the more you learn, give and receive from their presence.

Sharon can assist others to more fully connect with their highest guides, and highly recommends a continual meditation base to assist with this connection.  If you would like a session, class, workshop or retreat, just ask.



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