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Finding ways to open your intuition

What is intuition? It is that inner knowing, that in-tuition – that inner guide or teacher, that gut reaction, that ‘aha’ response.  Everyone has intuition, however it is just like a muscle, the more you use it the stronger it is.  Depending what your predominant senses are ‘how’ you will predominantly sense your intuition.  Do you see, feel, hear or know, or do you dream.  Do you have precog, or retroprespective etc. etc.

How to open your intuition is about finding ways that assist you to focus and notice your predominant senses.  Some ways are:

- Through meditation;

- working with your chakras, particularly the ones that relate to your senses;

- focused intent on one sense; e.g. every time the phone rings, sense who is one the line before you pick up; or every time you park the car, ask for the closest car park and sense where you need to drive;

- notice synchronicities within your life;

- do some brain gym work, so that the left and right sides of the brain work together;

- journal your predominant senses, that can mean your dreams for some;

- play, i.e.. find a partner or friend who will willingly be a receiver or a sender, on the inner circle facebook page I often give the followers opportunity to hone their skills/tools/senses;

- understand your symbology i.e., what does it mean if you see an owl?  wisdom or death.  In some cultures certain symbols have meaning, it is just a choice what importance you place on symbols;

- use a pendulum, or muscle test for a yes/no response;

- use guidance tools, such as cards, books, etc.

and there is more you can do.  If you would like guidance on the way that may be helpful for you, just ask Sharon.



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