Find your creative expression

Everyone has the ability to connect with their creative expression,  some are more connected to their expression then others.  What does creative mean to you?  Find your way to express.

Creative, simply means “to create”.  We create in each moment of our life, new cells, new thoughts, and often we can be unaware of our creations.  Finding your way, is about finding your conscious choices and how you wish to express.

Most will find they easily express through where their passions lie.  Where do your passions lie?  Some believe that to be creative you must be an artist.  This is not true, this is just one way of expressing.  A mother/father, an architect, a lover, an engineer, a writer, are examples of other ways of expressing creativity.  Shift the paradigm of your thinking, open the box to expand to all ways that appeal to you for the highest good and your unfoldment.

There are endless ways to express your creativity.  It is only limited by the limits you place on yourself.

Just check out the past reflections on the artists, and you will see there are endless possibilities of unique expression.

Lucy Deslandes

Sharon McLaughlin

Catherine Parker

Carolyn Bellis

Lisa Skura

Maybe none of these ways of expression are anywhere near yours, but you will find that as you awaken your creativity you will find your unique expression.  If you would like assistance to find your creative expression, ask Sharon for a class or a individual session.


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