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Sharon uses a variety of energy techniques, and will always cater to the clients free will and choice.  Each technique is individual, and all work with energy.  In a session, Sharon always works with her highest guides and angels, and those of the client for the highest good.  She has been using energy techniques since the ’90s and she has continued to add to her toolkit since then.  Her original techniques where based on treatment in a clinic based environment using a massage table.  Today Sharon’s techniques have evolved to a session based process, that can be experienced from a variety of ways from face-to-face, skype, phone, distant assistance, and the client can choose to receive while sleeping(distant), awake and seated (face-to-face, zoom, skype, phone or distant), or awake, seated or standing (face-to-face).  Some techniques have certain requirements of the receiver/sender, and are always followed.

Here is a brief description of some of the techniques:

Quick pulse technique (QP) is a way to shift anything you would like different. As a Practitioner Sharon have been trained by Jo Dunning to connect to source, and with consent focus on a clients who choose 3-5 things they would like to be different, while the source energy flows assisting clearing.  Sharon likes the metaphor of likening the clearing to cloths on a line, that clearing will be individual depending on the number of cloths on the line, and as each is removed clearing occurs.  It is an unfolding process that is individual.  (face-to-face/skype or phone)

The surrogate technique is the use of QP when a person gives permission and cannot be physically present.  The surrogate can be face-to-face or via phone, and the client can be at a distance, unconscious, a child under 7 or an animal.


Buddho Enersense is combination of breath, meditation, moving meditation and energy work with marma points, mantra, mudras and yantras.  The use of the elements and breath may also be incorporated, depending on the level required.  Sharon was trained by Ranga Premaratna in the late 90s to master level, and can teach this technique.


Lifeforce energy healing a technique by Deborah King (trained currently level 7), it can involve clearing and charging chakras using chelation , clearing and charging of the energy fields or levels, removal of cords/attachments, past life clearing and balancing, alignment of the hara line/core star, spinal clearing, brain clearing, breath, sound, angelic and shamanic highest guidance.  This technique evolves with the needs of the client.  (face-to-face/zoom/ skype/ phone/ distant assistance)


Remote viewing allows Sharon to assess a clients energy, whether face-to-face/zoom//phone/distant assistance.  This technique starts with Sharon being in a meditative state, and has evolved from sensing/seeing to feeling/knowing and hearing where the highest good is required, with my highest guides and angels, and permission from the client.  If you observed Sharon you would notice her wave her hands, and taking notes.  Sharon was asked by a client how she makes an assessment, and the words that came out were “remote viewing”, so Sharon has named it that ever since.  From this technique, she then makes suggestions of what technique will be most effective, and will not move forward to energy work unless permission is given.


Tapping is a technique that Sharon original used in remedial massage therapy (1990-2012), and found it often had a mind of its own.  In the mid 90′s after reading the book “Instant Emotional Healing”  (1992) by Psychologists Lambrou and Pratt, a combined technique of Thought Field Therapy, meridian energy systems with talking and Tapping sequences that anyone can use to shift emotion.  It made sense why her hands would automatically go into tapping sequences.   Of course, there is training in this technique if it is something you wish to perfect.  Sharon uses tapping as guided by the energy and guides, and when spontaneously used has always had great results.  Sharon believes the modern version is Nick Ortner “The Tapping Solution”.


Muscle testing and brain gym are techniques Sharon trained in, again in the 90s, at that time one was called “touch for health” and the other was “Brain Gym”.  Both fantastic energy techniques.  Sharon took the muscle testing to a new level by using in with all things to get a YES/NO response.  The original technique was to test specific muscles for strength and weakness relating to organs within the body, and was the forerunner to kinesiology.  The brain gym technique was about creating one brain.  Instead of a Left and Right Brain, you would marry the two and have one brain of both logic and intuitive.  Again Sharon ran with this information and found it was fantastic to work with both logic and intuitive abilities.


Angel therapy a technique taught by Doreen Virtue, by connecting to the guardian angels and archangels that surround an individual, to offer ways to assistSharon has always worked with angels, and 2009 she decided to go to Hawaii to experience “live” what Doreen was teaching.  She became certified with Doreen Virtue as an Angel therapy practitioner® and Medium; also certified angel card reader™ and dreams interpreter.


Charka balance can be achieved through Yoga practice, sounding, mantra, yantra, direct hands on, or distant work.  Sharon offers any of these techniques that will bring balance to the individual.



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