Sharon was raised with crystals and gemstones.  One of her father’s hobbies was collecting, and cutting or faceting stones.  While he was alive, he would give any female relative when they turned 16, a faceted gemstone.  Sharon’s love for crystals comes from this lifetime association with her father.  As Sharon is sensitive to objects, she finds certain crystals do provide different types of support, and can be used as tools in any energywork, coaching or distant assistance session.

There are some wonderful books out there on the subject of crystals and their meanings.  For example:

The Crystal Bible – a definitive guide to crystals by Judy Hall or The Crystal Bible 3

Crystal Therapy by Doreen Virtue and Judith Lukomski

There are many other books, and there are suggestions that crystals have links to many ancient cultures.  Sharon enjoys using crystals in grids with a particular focus, and has used them in healing sessions with placement under or on the person as instructed by her guidance.

Whether you believe crystals have certain meanings, or you just love the beauty and feel of them, you can find out how crystals can be beneficial to you.  Sharon energises her crystals, with full moon light and sea water, and has some crystals she sells at workshops or gives to special people.


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