Creating a positive intent for the New Year

“Creating a positive intent” was created as a ‘live’ event on Facebook in December 2016.  It is now my gift to ALL for a positive NEW year 2018.  2017 for me, has been an amazing year, filled with JOY, LOVE & PEACE which is ongoing, and will ripple out through time and space, as long as needed.  Of course, there have been challenges, yet prayer, energy processes and positive intent lift me/us up.  This coming year for me, my mandala is a mosaic glass plate, and has shifted to a higher level of holding positive intent, and letting it be that or something even better by divine design.  It is amazing because it can spin, and the pattern expands.  Now it is your turn.  What will you create?  Be inspired.

2018 Only the highest

2018 Only the highest


2017JOY, LOVE & PEACE ongoing

2017 JOY, LOVE & PEACE ongoing

Each year I also take time to meditate for peace.  This year I have created a short video to assist you.  Just click here.

“Are you interested in finding ways to create positive intent for the coming year?  This is the place to be. ”  Here are some suggestions to try:

Know that the reflective work is just preparation, so that you can be very clear about what you choose to create.

  • Make a list of positive words to choose from for your year.  A starting list of positive intent for the new year – build on it and make the words your own.  After you have a list through the alphabet, then choose what your focus is for the year.
  • A crazy clue for clearing and releasing the old is the clockwise spin – more in the video meditation.
  • Use your apps on your devices to create collages or manadala of your focussed intent
  • Another way to create a positive intent focus is to make it visual.  Start collecting photos and pictures, cuttings and words, that symbolise your positive intent.  I teach people to create mandalas or vision boards, if this is their preferred sense of connection – example of a simple mandala in photo attached – “I am compassionate wisdom”
  • Journal your thoughts and ideas – ensure they are a positive focus.  If you need assistance releasing a negative focus, then ask me about quick pulse, chakra or space clearing.
  • Meditate on the fullness of the last full moon and celebrate your creations of that year if you are unsure of ‘what?’ to celebrate, ask the moon sometimes it’s the small things that mean soooooo much
  • Make your own altar of positive intent
  • As you prepare for the new year- have you created your joy jar…yet?
  • Clear the clutter – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually
  • Now for some tough love. Creating positive intent takes work on your behalf. It is about knowing what you bring to the table. Name your 5 best qualities. These are your strengths, and a direct link to creating positive intent. Name your 5 challenges. These are your lessons, areas you need to strengthen, heal or let go. Coaching and training is all about what YOU are willing to do. YOU need to be aware, as YOU can’t change what YOU don’t know. The truth hurts, and also sets YOU free. (photos in gallery)
  • Continued tough love. Name your 5 opportunities, and your 5 risks. It is through your opportunities and your strengths that you can assist your challenges and risks. It is very important you look at the whole picture, otherwise you are missing a part of your own story. When you look at everything, you can write a plan on how to create your coming new year to the highest level. EYES wide OPEN. Now re-look, feel, hear and know your positive intent words for this coming year at a higher level. (photos in gallery)
  • Want to know your power and destiny…then answer these questions – greatest feeling and what if? (photos in gallery)
  • Have you started writing your affirmations or goals for the new year…here is a place to start…. (photo in gallery)
  • Started your Vision board??…….. so start collecting photos, materials, things that symbolise for you, what you wish to create for this coming year. Each new year, I review, and either renew or re-purpose, examples of photos are attached, and some videos. I have found it is better to keep it simple.  Re-purpose your Vision Board - why not, re-purpose last years board? Here is another.
  • Energy flows where your attention goes…ensure your energy is where you wish to be…make it positive intent
  • Focus on your positive intent…….  remember to follow your heart and bring your brain…
  • Sending to you through time and space: grounding, energising and igniting creativity
  • The level at which we vibrate, attracts a similar vibration.  If you are seeking a higher attraction, vibrate higher.
  • If you are still in doubt, Ask
  • Have YOU written this years positive intent affirmation, yet?  Make a list of your own rules for for this year
  • Click here for a short video now on positive intent – spoken in the moment, if there is clarity required from anything said, just ask. As words spoken in the moment sometimes can be taken in many ways.
    However the outline – Positive Intent – comes through an affirmation, prayer or statement of intent that is personal, positive, present tense, real and balance. You need to be able to see, hear, know and feel it, test and rate it before you place your full focused intent within it. If you would like to know some methods for testing and rating, ask.
  • Classic example of a simple shift.  I was running late for an appointment because I had taken a phone call while in the middle of preparation for the appointment.  5mins late, I rang to say I was on my way, and felt a wave of concern that I may have missed my moment.  I started to go into, why am I bothering to put myself out, and then I pulled myself up, and handed it upwards.  I asked the higher power for perfect timing and let it go.  Magic.. All was perfect timing, and enjoyable.. Awareness of when your focus slips and make a simple shift
  • Remember this….you are the light in the world, and of the world…. Shine
  • Your focus creates…make it positive
    You co-create…. Do your part
    Is your focus the rainbow?
    Is your focus the blue sky?
    You all can manifest… Create a positive intent
  • Be mindful of self talk as it is your unconscious intent which often relates to unfinished lessons that can sabotage your positive intent.
  • Have you been inspired to create your positive intent?  Do it now!
  • Yes, be aware of what you seek, and the intent behind it, as this will be what seeks you.
  • What is attention?  (Where is your focus, your awareness? ) What is intention?  (What is your reason?) Both are necessary for positive intent to manifest.
  • NEW 2018 – make mandala stones! Each can be the gift of positive intent, for you, for the planet, for your space, for a friend, family, it is limitless.  Be creative!
  • NEW 2018 – why not try Retreats@RoseBayResort with me and let me help you with your positive intents on all levels.

With continued on-going improvement, YOU are not the person YOU were a year ago, I am not the person I was a new ago.  Life is a learning experience, if you are not learning you are not living.  Create a beautiful life.  Create a positive focused intent for the coming year.  What will you choose for this coming new year?


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