Creating a mandala

What is a Mandala?

In Sanskrit a sacred circle.  However, in Sharon’s view it is symbolic and sacred, and it makes the invisible visible, that is; a positive thought or quality visible into a sacred shape, symbol or pattern.  It assists that positive thought or quality to manifest.  When used in meditation, mandalas are keys to the subconscious, a gateway to the divine self, to create transformation, healing and balance.

When creating your own mandala, Sharon teaches by starting with an affirmation, and meditating on that affirmation to receive the symbols and imagines that you would like to appear within your mandala.

In teaching to draw a mandala, Sharon, sets aside time for the mandalas unfoldment.  Meditation is used to shift any blocks in creativity opening to each individual higher self, and each honours and blesses all equipment used in the mandalas creation.  This can be taught in a mini-workshop of 4-8hrs or 1hr weekly classes over 6wks, depending on the depth and knowledge of meditation and willingness to be creativity.

If you would like a mini-workshop or class, a minimum of 5 people are required, contact Sharon with your enquiry.



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