Creating a Altar

What would you like to celebrate?  What are your beliefs?

You can create a altar that is symbolic of what you wish to bring in and or create in your life.  Here are some easy guidelines:

1.  Start with a special space, which can become your altar.  Find a space that can be dedicated to a special space, and not used for anything else.  For example: a hallway bench space can be used, however you don’t want others dumping their keys or disrespecting your sacred/special space, as it takes away from its meaning.  I often use a portable table that can be just used for a dedicated altar.

2.  Choose items wisely that are symbolic of the energy you wish to bring in or create.  A coloured cloth, crystals, statues, flowers etc, can all be a great start for any altar.  Or maybe you wish to bring in the elements.  You can find objects that are symbolic of the elements, earth, wind, water, fire and space; eg. Rock, fan, glass of water, candle, and open space.

3.  Write a prayer or special words to celebrate the special meaning of your altar.

4.  Pick a special day, date, moon time, sunrise or sunset, to create your altar, and have a set period of time that you will leave it in its special place.

Altars can be a part of a ceremony, or just a way of bringing qualities into your life, home, office, or space.  Play with creating.  When it feels right, and looks right to you, you have just created your altar.

Food for thought:

What do you wish to create?

What qualities do you wish to represent in your altar?



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