Core Yoga

What is Core Yoga?

In teaching Core Yoga it is based on 5 core concepts:

1. Breath is the gateway between mind/body.

2. Energy follows awareness.

3. Exercise is only as beneficial as the posture in which you do it.

4. Balance of opposites – Ha/Tha Left/Right.

5. Move in a field of Loving-kindness (metta) meditation.

The foundations are from the history of Yoga – “8 Limbs of Ashtanga Yoga’ and the history of Pilates “6 principles”.

The 8 Limbs are:

1.  Yamas: ethical disciplines;

2.  Niyamas: personal observances;

3.  Asana: exercise to strength and still the physical;

4.  Pranayama: breath control;

5. Pratyahara: sense withdrawal or “right use”;

6.  Dharana: concentration of mind;

7.  Dhyana: Meditation;

8.  Samadhi: absorption state in present moment.

The 6 principles are:  Focus; Control, Centring, Fluidness, Precision and Breath.

Core Yoga is a unique blend of Breath and Awaken; Flex and Extend; Power and Prana; Rotate and Release; finishing with Stretch and Relax.  For all students the technique is always most important.  Modifications can be made for new students to decrease intensity to focus on technique.


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Who would like to try core yoga?

Pre-requisite: completion of health form or Wavier/Par-Q or doctor’s written clearance if any contraindication to practice, prior to attending a class.

Not suitable: Prenatal; Pre-existing musculoskeletal injuries or issues; Recent acute injury; or unregulated high blood pressure.


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