Choose to Transform

It is a choice, you can transform.


For those that choose the short form – do this for 3days over the full moon, and invite Archangek Haniel to guide you.

For those that choose to commit to the next 12wks, call in Archangel Michael, Serpis Bay, Lady Nada and Saint Germain, (or your chosen highest guides and angels) you can create a new higher habit with their assistance to transform.  If you truely wish to transform your life in the next 12wks, change the way you respond to life.  When life happens  1. Call upon your chosen highest guides and angels, and then quieten the mind, 2. Ask to be reminded – what is the benefit – find gratitude, 3. Seek higher guidance from your chosen highest guides and angels – what is the next step, and 4. Now, take action – do it now!  Why not journal this process for the next 12wks.  Enjoy your transformation.

Join me on my Facebook for a 12wks of transformation through connection and awakening starts Monday 13th March and finishes 4th June.  Fees apply to all personalised Training, Coaching, Therapies & Connecting.  Ask.

You need to decide, what needs to:

Transform physically

Transform emotionally

Transform mentally

Transform spiritually

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