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My first experience of ”having my cards read” was at 17.  I believed my life was not on track and I was looking for clarification.  The reading I had paid for, didn’t feel that it connected with me.  It was all positive, but none of it felt true for me.  In retrospect, I was correct.  I walked out of the reading with my head in the clouds, and nearly walked into a bus.    I have always been a “who said” person, so I put it in the “that’s not for me at the moment” basket.

At 19 I had another card reading, again feeling my life was not on track, and looking for clarification.  This reading, along the lines of a gypsy reading, although hard to believe, it felt genuine.  In retrospective the reading was 90% accurate.

I dabbled with reading playing cards like the gypsies.  Then in my late twenties I bought my first set of reading cards which were “Medicine Cards” based on animal totems, and quickly followed by “The Medicine Woman Tarot Deck”. (as in thumbnail photo)  That’s when my love of reading cards began.

I learnt to be mindful of who read my cards, and what cards were used, because it depends where a person is in their own journey how they will interpret.  I preferred to read my own cards, because then the only perception or interpretation was through my filter, and the cards that drew me.  Also if  I was presented with a challenge, I would continue to ask, how can I shift this to a higher level.  Not all card readers do this, and I suppose its a continuation of “who said?” for me.  I also believe that you can affect your future by your choices, consciously or unconsciously.

It was at that point I began to teach others to read their own cards.  Teaching to use cards to give clarification, so that if you need to see, hear, feel or know something, it is dealt out in the cards.  It is just a form of communication with your higher self, guides and angels.  There is a point you really don’t need the cards, however it is still fun to have the cards.

Having read cards since the 90s, today I still love cards.  Over the years I have had some packets come and go, and others remain.  I have given away some, and some I will never give away as they are too precious.  In more recent years, I studied again with Denise Linn and Doreen Virtue, to clarify what I have been doing had the same foundation.  It does.  Today Denise and Doreen’s reading cards would be some of my favourites.

Different card decks feel different, and card apps are great for on-the-go.  The idea of the tarot deck is that the minor tarot cards are reflective of the elements in your life, and the major tarot cards are reflective of the path of growth you are currently travelling.  Some decks are very blunt with their messages, others are gentle.  Some tarot decks do not draw me, and other simple reading cards do.  Follow what feels “right” for you.  A message will often be repeated until you “get it”.

From time to time, I do card readings for others on request, and as I am available at an hourly rate.  However, I prefer to teach people to read their own cards.  I often use cards as another tool.  When I am with a client/student, cards can assist whatever I am teaching, training, coaching, connecting, guiding, or reflecting etc.  If you would like to learn to read your own cards, or you would like me to assist you in a reading, contact Sharon.


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