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Before, During and How long is a session/s?

Before a session

Any potential client/student that is thinking about a session will need to complete a “Session Agreement”.  This outlines the commitment of all parties, services and session procedure, confidentiality, privacy, session fees, termination and signing.  Payment is prior to the session via direct debit or paypal.

Once payment is received a session questionnaire will need to be completed by the client/student.  This is to assist all parties to understand where a client/student’s view of themselves and the world currently resides.  Including “must haves” from the session/s and areas of concern.

During a session

The services to be provided by the trainer/coach/guide to the student/client are face-to-face or telephone/skype, as agreed jointly with the student/client.  Any session can be a mix of services training/coaching/guiding as requested by the student/client.  Suggestions for session outlines, from the trainer/coach/guide maybe made, but it is always with the student/client free-will and choice that permission is given to move forward.  The trainer/coach/guide is a facilitator of change but it is the student/client’s responsibility to enact or bring about the change.

How long is a session/s?

Sessions are predetermined in the “before session” stage within the session agreement.

It is decided:

-          Length of time (eg. 45-60mins);

-          How many appointments (eg. Once a week for four weeks);

-          and a mutually agreeable time (dependant on time zones).

All sessions are booked in advance, and can be rescheduled with advanced warning.  If a student/client doesn’t advise a cancellation and is 10mins late for a session it will be deemed as cancelled and payment is still required.  If there are issues with skype or telephone connections, rescheduling shall occur.

Termination of a session/s can occur by default, via “student/client has free will and choice, and gives permission to move forward*” or *If any individual condition is outside the limits of the trainer/coach/guide, sessions may be referred or postponed until the condition is resolved.” “All parties agree to provide each other with two weeks’ notice in the event that it is desired to terminate sessions.  Feedback from all parties will be sort for continuous improvement.  Otherwise, the sessions will continue for the duration of the contracted period.  Feedback and testimonials will be asked, with no names associated, only a chosen initial and country.”

Each student/clients develops and unfolds at their own rate.  Their commitment and follow through with training/coaching/guiding sessions will have an effect on the timing.  Each individual’s journey is unique.    Contact Sharon if you need assistance.


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