Whale Tale

Awaken the artist within

Each individual has the ability to awaken the artist within.  Art is subjective.  Art is the expression of a sensory experience of the artist into a chosen dimensional form e.g. 2D or 3D form.  How an artist chooses to express, can be unique to the individual.  You can be trained to draw, paint, sculpt, collage, print, produce, dance, sing, act, write, express your artist in whatever form fits your personality.  This is an on-going journey, and it is great to learn from like-minded artists.  In the end, it is the cohesiveness of your expression of what you are portraying that will attract or repel your prospective audience/client.  If art is your expression of fun, then it is only about making it fun for you, whatever you do.

Whether you are awakening your artist for fun or furthering your understanding of the artist within, Sharon can assist you.  Ask about classes, workshops or private sessions.

In up and coming reflections on creating, Sharon will be featuring other already awakened artists and some of the wonderful ways they express their artist within.  If you would like to be informed when these will be featured, just ask.


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