Why an Accredited REHAB Trainer?


I love it.  As a 53yr old PT, whom has experienced various life accidents and injuries, I understand what it feels like to feel the loss of mobility, and to loose muscle mass due to life injury, and atrophy (muscle wasting) often due to over protection of the injured area, muscle imbalance, fears and concerns.  All these things can hold you back.  I know.

I am a Yoga Teacher of 27yrs and a PT for 11yrs.  I became a Yoga Teacher in my mid 20s initially to help myself maintain my flexibility due to being hit by a car at 16.  As I improved, I taught others.  I improved so much, I started playing Sport and doing Gym and adding weights and realised it was no longer Yoga only, so I became a PT.  In parallel to this I studied many other health and wellbeing modalities, (eg. Sports Trainer/Coach, Remedial therapy – massage, Lomi Lomi, Reiki, Counselling, Life Coach etc). to help myself then others.

REHAB training is the next step UP.  Through risk assessment, evaluation, hands-on techniques, activating inhibited muscles and blending into life, these process can change the way you move.  I’m excited, I have seen and felt improvements within my own body just by living and working with these processes and techniques.

What to expect?  You will need to book an initial consultation.  In this I will do a risk assessment, which will involve: answering some simple questions, and doing a couple of simple physical movement to assess if I am the best person to assist you, or whether you need to be referred to an allied professional.  I am happy to work with your GP or other allied professional to get the best result for you.  If you are already a client you will have completed a health form, and we may or may not already have a written agreement.

If I can assist you, we move onto evaluation of function movement; hands-on techniques, activation of inhibited muscles and then blending back into functional movements for YOU.

‘Feeling the difference, makes all the difference to me’   When YOU are ready, I would love to help you.   Want to know more, just ask.  To me it is all about being the BEST that YOU can Be, and we achieve this through “Transforming one day at a time”


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