A beautiful testimonial from a Lifeforce Coaching client

Sharon received this beautiful testimonial.  The words have not be altered, and are exactly as received.  Sharon appreciates this feedback, and shares to assist others to understand what may occur within a session.  This particular session was via Skype call, with email follow up.  These words give an account of this person’s experience, each session is always unique, and may or may not include what has been mentioned, depending on permission from the client, and their needs at the time.
« Starting the coaching session I realized that Sharon had tuned in to who I am very accurately and with great concern.
This was the first wave of gratefulness that went through me.
She was taking into account my requests about the purpose of this coaching.
Her approach was flowing. I am not a native English speaker but I captured well all she said.
She straightened my Hara line making me touch and tap the 3 body points involved. I felt empowered.
Then she performed a healing involving my body from feet to shoulders and above my head.
This time the wave of energy was immense. I was shaking and shivering and crying all at once and some minutes later I could still hardly speak.
After that our conversation became more practical. She made me answer some questions that could only connect to my own intuition. So she was able to support me with inspiring council and advice.
I felt like I was already in my new space, had made the next step before I could ever again be anxious.
The session came to a close with a card reading to specify how I could best implement the changes I went through. Again a powerful message that I now continue to bear forward.
The days that followed I was naturally calm and easy with myself. Inside of me I knew things would unfold. I realized that as a born surviver I had used all my creative energy to make my space as interesting and lovely as possible, but that I’d hardly ever spread my wings. I suppose one has to understand where one is coming from before being able to fly.
A funny thing happened while I was standing in the garden in the midst of flowers and vegetables to enjoy myself taking a picture. But there wasn’t much sunshine so I tried to look up to the sky to see the clouds. Instantaneously I got swept off my feet.
Wow what a realization of not being grounded.
Tried again and the same thing happened.
So I became very careful about grounding. Exactly like the advice Sharon had given.
Now, nothing is like before. Especially because the connection with my guides has become vibrant. I think I was rather stubborn to keep my life in my own hands. Surrendering to receive some answers, yes. Knowing my gardian angel was there to save and protect me – fortunately and in spite of everything. But now I feel I am one with greater love, greater wisdom. I can leave the door open and enjoy free communication. How amazing.
I am sure there is this boundless generosity that Sharon brings forward and shares. Like she opens her arms to welcome you into the universe where love is law and where we are One. Maybe this is why I now feel « I Belong ». The pain has transformed into a precious stone. ». AH France August 2014

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