30days of Gratitude

Gratitude can be therapy.  If you believe in the law of attraction.  The more you appreciate what you have, the more you attract.  It has the side benefit of changing your attitude.  So …. Gratitude becomes the new Attitude!  It is worth the 30day journey!

Every November, I like to do 30days of Gratitude.  If you wish to upgrade your attitude try gratitude!

Examples of #30daysofgratitude

Day1: #30daysofGratitude - I am thankful for the beautiful flower in bloom, I woke up with this morning.  What are you grateful for?

Day2: #30daysofGratitude - I am grateful for my partner, whom is willing to listen, grow and support me, in my chosen calling, and whom has offered me humour for nearly 35yrs.

Day3: #30daysofGratitude - I am grateful for a good night sleep.  It certainly makes a difference to how you feel, thank you.

Day4: #30daysofGratitude - Today I am grateful for the opportunity to meet new people

Day5: #30daysofGratitude - Thankful for my Arbonne Choc Protein waffles with coconut yoghurt – Yummy!

Day6: #30daysofGratitude - Soon 54, on track with my #HealthyLivingShifts and #RehabTrainer and #30daystohealthyliving&beyond

Day7: #30daysofGratitude- Thankful for beautiful weather

Day8: #30daysofGratitude - Last night as I gazed through my telescope at the moon, I was thankful for the moon.  It is awe inspiring, with its craters and its beautiful patterns.  #Thankful

Day9: #30daysofGratitude - I am thankful for the rain to cleanse the air of smoke.

Day10: #30daysofGratitude - I am thankful for the absence of thought and the presence of mind that awakens consciousness

Day11: #30daysofGratitude - I am thankful for humour, comedy, and laugh out loud moments.

Day12: #30daysofGratitude - I am grateful for fun moments in my life which bring me joy.

Day13: #30daysofGratitude - I am thankful for the Universe who has my back.  I don’t always say I’m grateful in the moment, as I’m often in amazement.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, please know I am grateful for your support in creating a life of joy and grace.

Day14: #30daysofGratitude - I am thankful for inspiration to be creative.  Thankful for inspiration to create healthy recipes with joy and love.

Day15: #30daysofGratitude - Today I am thankful for the abundance of many things in my life.  Breathe, I trust that there is a higher purpose to Retreats@RoseBayResort – Scheduled for March 2, 3, 4 and October 26, 27, 28, 2018.

Thank for the wee hours of creativity for pamphlet design.  Thank you universe for letting me teach the book I wrote in 2003.  Thank for the excitement of moving forward.

Thank you HayHouse for the Writers Workshop to push me beyond my own limits, and into a new zone.  Thank you for this blessed day and the new info from JudyS and JoD. I am grateful.

Day16: #30daysofGratitude - Thankful for flowers in any colour

Day17: #30daysofGratitude- Blessings of movement and flow, I am thankful

Day18: #30daysofGratitude - Grateful for family and friends.  Thankful for likeminded fun at MindBodySpiritFestival.

Day19: #30daysofGratitude - Grateful for good food

Day20: #30daysofGratitude - Thankful for the wonders of the world and nature.

Day21: #30daysofGratitude - OMG Thank You – Beautiful Trees

Day22: #30daysofGratitude- Thankful to all creatures great and small

Day23: #30daysofGratitude - This is freaking awesome.  Thank you for the beautiful reflections.

Day24: #30daysofGratitude - Grateful for the Artists in the world.  Thank you for your works of art.

Day25: #30daysofGratitude - You can either make waves, be the waves or ride the waves.  Be thankful for your choices.

Day26: #30daysofGratitude - Thank you for beautiful Sunrises & Sunsets

Day27: #30daysofGratitude - Grateful for finding ways to love my life, every minute of it

Day28: #30daysofGratitude - Thankful for being on vacation in some amazing places, with amazing people.

Day29: #30daysofGratitude - Grateful for learning to bend like a tree.

Day30: #30daysofGratitude - Thanks for all beautiful things, wings are amazing, they teach us to fly.

BE GRATEFUL every day! Gratitude will change your ATTITUDE!!! Blessings to ALL!


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