What does creating mean?

* bringing something into being or existence, through some action taken.

* if every thought is a creation, then you become mindful of your thoughts.

Mandalas are a fun way to express.  It can be an emotion, a thought, a affirmation, a key to your subconscious ..what would you choose?  Remember creation can have ripple effect, so reflect out what you would like returned.  Workshops and classes available.  Check out 2017 Mandala Or the previous re-purposing Visionboard.

Are you ready to:

*stimulate your creativity;

* be inspired to be creative;

* know that everyone can and does create.

Sharon finds creative flow during stillness. If she has a project in mind, and gets stuck, Sharon releases it, and inspiration then comes to her in flashes. Sharon may dream it, visualise it, feel it, hear it, or just suddenly know it.

Let Sharon assist you:
to awaken the artist within
to open to your creativity now
to find your creative expression.

There are reflections on creating via the category ‘creating’. If you would like to know more about the artist – Sharon McLaughlin, view the reflection.  As a service, to the ‘collective creative’, Sharon promotes other artists and/or artistic mediums, through writing reflections on artists or a medium from time to time.


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