Are you seeking a definite Yes or No answer, to an important question?  Below is a brief meditation here, just for YOU.

To be connected, can mean different things to different people.  Sharon encourages all to connect to their own highest Angels and Guides, assisting each individual to connect through the modality that resonates with the individual and their chosen beliefs.

Connection occurs through the filter system that is your beliefs.  Your beliefs will be reflected in your affirmationmantra or prayer.

Connection can occur in meditation to your own highest self, and further to your highest angelsguides, all that you are, your intuition, your support team.

Connection can occur through tools, such as cards, crystals, colours and symbols, assisting each individual to receive the message they need in any moment.  Tools are often used until your intuition is honed.

Connection can create transformation and a shift in your consciousness.

Connection can be enhanced through the elements – air, fire, water, earth and ether or space.  Sharon loves assisting to shift or clear a space to a higher vibration energetically, and over the years has used many different techniques.

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