Sharon provides coaching sessions for different individual and life experience needs.  Whether it is a one-off session or a series, Sharon calls her style “wholistic coaching”.  Why? Because to create balance you need to be wholistic – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  It is about disconnecting from that which does not serve, and connecting to that which serves the highest good.  The energy centres (chakras) and field indicate how you are travelling, and are being affected by life’s experience.

You will be required to complete an agreement with prior payment.  Special rates apply to multiple prepaid sessions.  Before each session a preparation sheet is completed so the highest good can come from the time spent together.  With your permission, your energy can be viewed via distance, so that whatever you choose to work on can be assisted to shift more rapidly during the session.  All sessions can be via Skype, Zoom or in person, and each session unfolds uniquely, depending on what you choose to work on.  Each 45min session is followed up by a email summary (15mins).  This summary will list any key points that occurred during the session, as a way of revising, reflection and remembering.  A beautiful testimonial from a client

Are you ready for change?  Would you like to find happiness? self-respect? or a sense of purpose?  What is blocking you?  If you have limited time or you process quickly then mini coaching ‘helping hand’ zoom 1/2hr sessions are for YOU.  No email summary.

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Effective Nurtitional Coaching – seeking assisting with achieving your goals, just ask for an appointment.  If you choose to tie it in with Personal Training, then you will receive a special offer, so you can reach your goals sooner.

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